Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Day in Tupelo- Sunday- July 15, 2012

We decided to go to Tupelo today. There really is not too much in Tupelo, except for the Elvis birthplace that we visited in January, that is unlike any other town. We went to a shopping mall about 11am and only a few stores were open at that time- Barnes and Noble and Belk's. Gradually more stores opened and I believe by 12:30pm almost all were finally opened. We did a little shopping but more browsing about the stores. We made stops at Walmart and Sam's Club to replenish some food items and to get some greeting cards. We have learned that several members of the Traveling Americans are having health issues and wanted to send cards to them. We looked for a Mexican restaurant on the GPS. The first one on the GPS was not where it was to be or is no longer in business. So we moved on to the next one in a little town from Tupelo, Los Compadres Restaurant, and had a very nice meal. There were large clouds in the sky much of the day but storms did not brew up like yesterday.

Let me talk about some folks that we have met here in the Tiffin campground. We saw a South Dakota licensed motorhome with a name sign in the front window and the hometown was Westminster, Maryland. A few evenings later the occupants were sitting outside and we stopped to talk with them. They are Steve and Kate Spence and are now living the fulltime lifestyle after selling their home in Westminster.
Another interesting meeting was again on a walk about the campground. A woman and her granddaughter were pushing a stroller around with a little dog in the stroller. The woman said that the dog really enjoyed riding but was not allowed to walk as "other dogs walk around here and poop" and she didn't want her dog to "pick up parasites". We later noticed that there is a second dog and that the dogs are put outside in an enclosed pen with a rug covering the ground.
Such is life on the road- you find out what a small world we live in and what seems to our way of thinking to be strange behavior.