Friday, July 20, 2012

Slide Floor Completed But.... Friday, July 20, 2012

After eating breakfast Tom walked up to the Service Center to check if we would be getting in today to have the slide floor  replaced.  We could see  there was a motorhome in that bay having their floor replaced.  We were to be next and would get in today.  We knew that by getting in we would be finished today and would be able to start for home and Tom would make his Monday doctor's appointment.  Tom was stranded in the Service Center when the skies opened up and rain poured for about 30 minutes.  We got busy emptying out the drawers and cupboards in the slide.  At 10:30am the call came for us to move in Bay 1, the slide floor replacement bay, and in 15 minutes we were in place. 

A crew of 4 men immediately started working.  The molding trim was removed.  A couch and the refrigerator was moved out of the slide into the interior of the motorhome.

The electric connects had to be disconnected.

 A lift was attached around the slide, the slide unbolted from the mechanisms that move the slide in and out and then the slide is hoisted out.

 After the slide was removed the motorhome with a huge hole in the side is moved to the next bay.

The slide is then laid down on padded work horses and the old floor removed.

 A new floor with the rollers attached is then attached to the slide.

 And the the steps are reversed putting the slide back in.

 These 4 men doing the work really have a pattern and work so well as a team that it was an enjoyable afternoon.  There are 4 slides on our motorhome.  Three of the 4 slide floors are made by Tiffin, the 4th slide floor is not and that is the problem floor.  The replacement floor is made by Tiffin.  I questioned one of the men as to why this floor was outsourced and he said "that's just the way it was done".

  During the process it was noticed that something was not quite right with the slide mechanism and it was found that the gears that run the side arms in and out had teeth missing and bent, so a new gear box was installed.

 It was noticed that something was dripping in the rear of the motorhome and we were told that it was transmission fluid coming from a seal.  At this point we knew that we would  not be leaving Red Bay today.  Tom called the doctor's office to reschedule his appointment and started making calls to see where we could get service for this leak next week.  Tom had also been in contact with the supervisor in the mechanical area of the Service Center about what was thought to be the problem.  The supervisor, Greg Dees, checked out the area on the floor where the motorhome had been for the leaking fluid and said that was not transmission fluid but coolant leaking.  That was a relief.  This problem could be dealt with here on Monday.  The transmission fluid leaking would have needed to be handled by an authorized Allison  facility since it is an Allison transmission still under warranty and the local diesel service center here in Red Bay does not meet that requirement .

Since we were staying longer to have this coolant leak checked out Tom asked that the propane tank sensor problem also be put back on the docket to be looked into.  We are scheduled on Monday morning to pull over to the parking lot outside the mechanical bay area where the propane will be burned off and the problem fixed.  The motorhome will at some point be pulled into the mechanical bay to have a clamp tightened that is believed to be the cause of the leaking coolant.

And we will be spending another weekend in exciting Red Bay, Alabama.  This is fast becoming an unfavorable spot for us.