Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Motorhome Work Continues- July 18, 2012

Today, Wednesday, we received a call about 10am telling us to go to the work bay (#39) to have the jacks checked. The automatic hydraulic jacks has been real sluggish retracting often needing Tom to get out a 2x4 board and assist. The left front jack was the worst. The motorhome was put on a lift, the jacks were checked and then the problem left front jack was replaced.

 We then returned back to our campsite knowing we would going into the mechanical bay next whenever that was. We knew that we would not be pulled in there until after the lunch break (11:20-12noon) so we went to the local Mexican restaurant for our lunch. About 12:30pm we got a call telling us to come to Bay 42, the mechanical bay. In our travels on this trip we had a dash light to come on briefly indicating something awry again with DEF sensor and on consultation it was felt something may have been incorrectly connected that caused a problem with hot weather. We were advised to have that looked into when we came here for warranty work. So that was checked out and adjustment was made.

The air filter and canister was damaged when Tom backed into the pole in January so they needed to replaced but the end of the workday came and we were told to be in the bay at 7am tomorrow morning to have that done.

This evening the skies became dark as big black clouds moved over.  Sounds of thunder rumbled around and then the rain started.  Rain is predicted to continue all night and there could be up to 3 inches.  Thankfully we are not having any strong winds.  And the grounds around here were beginning to get dried out from the last rain.  This area does need rain as the grass and fields were looking brown when we first got to this area.