Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Today we down to Wickenburg, about 6 miles south of the campground. After going to the visitor's center we did the walking tour of Wickenburg. Since we were here 3 years ago some statutes have been placed throughout the town depicting life back in the early years of Wickenburg. One interesting area is the jail tree. During the late 1800's the town did not have a jail so anyone in need of being jailed was chained to a mesquite tree in the center of town. As we walked the tour we also stopped at the shops along the way. Wickenburg still has the air of being a cowboy town.
The Hassayampa River that runs along the town appears to be just a dry riverbed but we are told that the river actually runs underground. In times of heavy rains the water will surface and flooding does occur. When we were here 3 years ago we witnessed the flooding and was surprised that the riverbed was dry this year.
It was a beautiful day today- sunny and temperatures in the low 70's in Wickenburg. Upon returning to the campground it became windy and cool but after the sunset the winds died out.