Thursday, February 04, 2010

Forty-three Years

Today is our 43rd wedding anniversary. My how time flies when we're having fun! And the majority of our time together has been fun. We have a wonderful family. A son, Todd, and his dear wife, Beth, have given us 3 grandchildren- Anthony, Madeline and Parker. Life is good.
We started out the day going out to breakfast at Denny's in Wickenburg. We returned to the motorhome to take our morning walk with Travis and do our Wii workouts. Late afternoon we drove up to the Joshua Tree Forest Parkway and the took a different and longer route into Wickenburg for dinner at Anita's Cocina. The food was good but the Margarita's had something missing- like Tequilla. Still cannot find Margarita's to compare with the ones at La Paz Restaurant in Frederick, Maryland.
After getting back to the campground this evening we took our evening walk with Travis through the dog walk area. We heard some folks yelling to us about a coyote. We spotted the coyote and he trotted across in front of us. He was in no hurry, perhaps, he thought about our little Travis for dinner. He did keep moving across the field away from us.
I find the Saquaro cactus to be quite interesting. I don't think that there are any 2 alike once they begin to grow "arms". Where they grow is another thing- hills, which looks like mounds of earth in the middle of the desert, will have these cacti growing on one side and the opposite side will not have any. As you travel west from Texas and New Mexico it is not until you are in Arizona that Saquaro cactus are seen. And I'm still amazed at the size of them, it's not hard to believe that these cacti could kill someone if they fell on them.