Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sabino Canyon and Saquaro National Park

We spent the day with cousin, Patty, and her husband, Braxton, as they served as "tour guides" for us. We went to Sabino Canyon and rode the tram up the road through the canyon. The Sabino Creek/River was flowing through the canyon; even flowing over the road at the several places. The cacti and other desert flora was pointed out by the tram operator. The tram makes 9 stops ascending and descending the canyon area allowing passengers to get on or off the tram. We rode to the top, the 9th stop, and got off until the tram was ready to start going back down. It is indeed a beautiful area.
After a nice lunch at "El Charro", a Mexican restaurant, we went to the Saquaro National Park. Braxton drove through the park periodically stopping at pull-over areas so we could get out and walk about. Some of the desert plants were beginnig to bloom.
We ended the day with a drive through downtown Tucson during rush hour. The weather today was just perfect, nice sunny bright skies and comfortable temperatures.