Saturday, February 27, 2010

Camp Verde

We are camped on the outskirts of Camp Verde but had not been in the town until today. Camp Verde was founded in 1866 by Arizona Volunteers to defend settlers from Apache raids. Farming and cattle raising are the industries of the area. As we were driving around we encountered a group of Native American teenagers escorted by the local police running through the town. Driving by the Cliff Casino, which is owned by the Natives, we saw tents set up so we stopped. A celebration commemorating the "Trail of Tears" was being held. Indian jewelry, pottery, sand paintings and fry bread of all descriptions were being sold. Many Natives were dressed in Native-style outfits including moccasin boots. Apparently this celebration occurs yearly.
Today has been cool. This morning there were clouds but in the afternoon it cleared until late evening when the clouds returned. It has been quite windy. A storm is to pass through here during the night.