Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hauchuca City

We left Wickenburg this morning traveling southeast through Phoenix, Tucson and then to Hauchuca City. We had planned to meet up with Larry and Joann so when we got to the campground- "Mountain View RV Park"- sure enough they were here just a couple of campsites up from us. We spent the afternoon catching up on our travels and then went out to eat. "Ivey's", the restaurant that we ate at, will be remembered for a long time, not for being a great place either. The special was liver and onions with soup or salad but they were out of soup. The sides were to be mashed potatoes and carrots. Tom asked if a baked potato could be subsituted for the mashed potatoes and the waitress went into a spiel about how the mashed potatoes were made, after the question was repeated the answer was yes. When our food arrived there was no carrots on the plate but corn was there. The baked potatoes were served after we had eaten most of our meal. Joann had ordered hamburg steak but the waitress wrote down ham steak instead so ham steak had been fixed and the waitress said that it really looked good. Needless to say I don't believe we will be returning to that establishment again. It will make a memory, though.
The weather here is sunny, windy and cooler but promises to be warmer tomorrow.
Traveling about the major roads in this state, signs are posted about "Photo Enforcement". After passing these signs often a vehicle will be parked on the shoulder of the road with cameras that take photos of speeders. There are other occasions the cameras will be on posts along side the roads. So speeding in this state is not a good idea.