Sunday, February 28, 2010

Return to Sedona

Sedona is such a beautiful place. Those red rocks appear different as the sun hits them or the clouds overhead shadow them.
From 2010-02-28
From 2010-02-28

I think it is a peaceful area. The houses in this area seem to be tucked in among the trees and bushes often not that visible. We returned today to walk about some of the shops. After shopping and eating lunch at one of the many restaurants we drove around admiring the beauty of the area. We stopped at an "Open House" in a new developement that had a wonderful view of those red rocks and a huge price tag (lots starting at $600,000.00).
We had rain last night. Today it was mostly cloudy. This evening it rained again but I believe it is now clearing. It has been cool (50's) and will probably feel real chilly in the morning.
We had planned to leave here in the morning but are staying until Tuesday. We stopped at a dog groomers yesterday to see about getting Travis a much needed haircut. She said she could do it on Monday so we are staying an extra day.