Monday, February 15, 2010

Saturday and Valentine's Day Sunday

Saturday, Tom and I returned to the Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering. In the high school there were 8 rooms that performers were performing every hour from 10am through 5pm. Groups of usually 4 performers were scheduled each hour in a designated room. We were able to move from room to room to hear whatever performer we desired. We went about 12 noon to again hear our favorite, Bill Barwick, perform at 12noon, 1pm and again at 3pm. We also heard other acts during this time. In each hour the 4 performers would each sing 2 or 3 songs. The amazing thing about this weekend is that we only paid for the Friday evening performance. The Saturday daytime performances were free. The performers were not local folk but from other states and Canada. They are very talented musicians and entertainers in Western, not Country, music.
I have to comment about the school that this Gathering was held at. I understand that this school is the only public high school in this county. It was a very modern facility. Some rooms were like lecture halls found in colleges, seats arranged like a movie theater. The auditorium is just that,there is a large gymnasium elsewhere, and is like a big theater. In the community of Sierra Vista this is the only facility that is available to accommodate a "gathering" or other social events of this size.
After leaving the Gathering, Tom and I stopped at a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Another restaurant that had good food but the Margaritas were poor. (I think we have been spoiled by the margaritas that we get at our favorite restaurant back home. We've decided that beer might be a better choice.) After returning to the campground and Larry and Joanne returning from a day in Tombstone, we all got together to have a piece of cake and coffee that Larry and Joanne bought in Silver City.
Sunday, Valentine's Day, started with Tom and I going out for a breakfast at a local diner. We then drove to the town of Tubac an artsy town that had an art festival at this time. We took Travis along with us for the day. The town was really bustling with lots of people walking about the streets checking out the numerous vendors selling their pictures, jewelry, and other wares. When we returned to the campground Larry and Joanne had returned from their jaunt into Mexico. We all went out to dinner at "My Big Fat Greek Restaurant". It was a fun evening as the wait staff would periodically do some Greek dancing through the restaurant.