Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fort Huachuca & Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering

Friday was a full day for us. Friends, Marti and Drew, that are staying in Benson, Arizona, arranged a tour of Fort Huachuca for Larry, Joann, Tom and me along with themselves. Marti had lived on the Fort in the early 1950's. About 11am Drew and Marti stopped by our campground and we loaded up and followed them into the Fort. Joann having military ID made getting onto the Fort very easy for us. We followed to the military campground where we met Jerry and Ann, friends of Drew and Marti, that took us on a tour of the Fort. There were 2 museums that we went through. The Buffalo soldiers are a big part of the history of this Fort. This is still an active army post. We drove up reservoir hill to an overlook of the area. We then all went to dinner at Landmark Cafe and we all had the all-you-can-eat Fried Cod. After dinner we thanked Jerry and Ann for their hospitality and the four of us returned to our campground to attend to the dogs- Larry and Joann's, Sadie and Shane, and our Travis.
After seeing the dogs were tended to we loaded up again in the car and went into Sierra Vista to the Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering. Drew and Marti had visited with Jerry and Ann and now joined up with us again for the show. We all thought the show was wonderful. There were about 8 different preformers. Tom and I have come to love the music of Bill Barwick through the internet and he was one of the preformers. Tom had talked with him at intermission and before his preformance. When he came on stage he mentioned that he had met folks from Maryland that had come out to see him. It really was a fun and entertaining day.