Wednesday, March 31, 2010


We slept a little later this morning and about 9:15am got underway. Barb and Ed left a little earlier. We would depart company at this point as we were both going to our non-mobil homes. We got to Taneytown a little past 12noon. We had a busy afternoon getting the motorhome cleaned out. We realized that we needed to move some "stuff" out of the motorhome. We just seemed to have accumulated things that we do not need to be dragging around the country. I like to wash all the bedclothes when we get home after a long trip so I accomplished that task. We are facing a very busy schedule in the next 5-6 weeks. Three weekends are taken for campouts, we have some motorhome maintenance that needs to be done and we have preparations to make to go to Alaska this summer.
We have had a great winter get away. We've seen lots of beautiful country, interesting National Parks/Monuments and have spent time with family and friends along the way.