Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

It has been a very busy time since returning home. After discovering on our trip to the southwest that our passports were expired we had to get new photos taken and send in for new passports in order to be able to travel through Canada to go to Alaska.
Then there was Easter time and some special church services that we attended including a sunrise service Easter morning at 6:15am. The weather was a little cool but not like most years. Todd, Beth, Maddy and Parker came up to our house and spent Easter with us. Anthony was spending the week in New York with his grandparents. Little Parker had grown so much since we had seen him at Christmastime. Maddy is staying with us for several days as this is her spring break from school.
Monday morning the motorhome had to be taken to the local Ford dealer for servicing and some maintenance work. We then went to Gettysburg to Boyd's Bears (a favorite of Maddy's) and then drove around the battlefield and stopping at places for Maddy to climb over the rocks.