Sunday, March 21, 2010

Off to Balloon Fiesta Park

When we got up this morning we saw that we had received several inches of snow during the night. Our friend, Ed, come over to discuss if we would move over to the Balloon Fiesta Park or stay at the Stagecoach Stop RV Park. After much going back and forth, we used a very logical method. We flipped a coin. It was Tails, so we were moving to the Balloon Fiesta Park. We were about 1/2 hour early for our scheduled entry time, but they had us come stright in as there was not many other motorhomes waiting to enter the park.

We had registered for the electric area, but the power would not be turned on until Sunday morning at 9 AM. Once we got our motorhome setup, we started our generator. Well, the generator started and ran fine. One problem, no power, so I guess that first thing Monday morning I will be looking for the Onan people to have a look at the generator and see what can be done to repair the problem. We are planning to go to Alaska in May and have to have a working generator to make the trip. In the mean time, Ed is letting us plug into his motorhome so we can keep the batteries charged up. Thanks Ed.

I forgot to mention that when we got to the Balloon Fiesta Park, the grounds looked like they had not gotten any snow and the grounds were in very good shape. It looks like the coin flip worked out.

This afternoon Leah and I went back to Old Town for Lunch and walked around looking in some of the shops. It was colder today than it has been for the past several days, but it looks like it will warm up for the next few days again.