Monday, March 29, 2010

On the Move East

Sunday, Palm Sunday, we left Checotah, Oklahoma a little after 8am continuing on I-40 east. The winds were still brisk but not quite as bad as on Saturday. The countryside was showing signs of spring- green fields, trees in bud and some flowering trees in bloom. We had planned to stop for the night at a campground in Memphis, Tn. Ed had sent an email to the campground since there was not a phone number listed in the Passport book along with his cell phone number but did not receive a call back. When we arrived we found that they were full. Apparently about 5000 workers had been brought into the area to refurbish the refineries and many workers were staying in the campgrounds filling most everything in Memphis. Tom called a campground east of Memphis and they had sites available so we traveled a little further. We tried to find a Memphis barbeque restaurant but was unsucessful and ended up eating at "Cracker Barrel".
Today, Monday, we again got an early start about 8am and left the Memphis area going east across this wide state of Tennessee. We were traveling most of the day in the mountains. After spending the winter in the desert the green of the east was a real change. No matter where we are we are able to see beauty in the environment and appreciate it. When we were 107 miles west of Nashville we hit 100,000 miles on our motorhome. Aside from about 1000 miles that was put on the motorhome by the dealer before we purchased it, the miles have been our travels. The morning started out to be bright and sunny but the further east we got the cloudier it got. We are camped in a campground in Sevierville, Tn., close to the Smokey Mountains, tonight.