Friday, March 05, 2010

Gallup, New Mexico

We left Holbrook, Arizona traveling east to Gallup, New Mexico- a whole 81 miles. Entering New Mexico we stopped at the visitor center to pick up some information about this state and to our surprise the center was closed today but would be open tomorrow, Saturday. A New Mexico visitors guide was available in the woman's bathroom- don't know how a man was to get the guide. After we got set up in Gallup and was eating lunch we heard on the TV that today was a furlough day for state employees so I guess that included the workers at the information center.
Other than to ride around town, eat dinner at a Southwestern restaurant and grab a few groceries we spent a quiet day. The selling of Indian jewelry, pottery, rugs and other items is very big in this town. We even had a woman come to our table while we were in the restaurant trying to sell jewelry in spite of a notice on the door stating "No Selling". We are in a little higher altitude here and the chill is on- it's 31 degrees at 9pm colder than at home. It does get warmer in the daytime- upper 50's today.