Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Snow and Santa Fe

Oh my, what a surprise this morning when I got up and discovered we did not have any water. It had frozen. Could not believe it, it wasn't that cold when we went to bed. And then when I looked outside there was snow, about 3 inches. The car was completely covered. We were expecting a storm system to pass through this area but didn't expect the drop in temperature and snow. By 9am the snow was starting to melt and our water hose had thawed out. We did have water in our storage tank that we were able to use.
Tom and I went to Santa Fe. Along Guadelupe Street there are many shops that we walked about doing some looking and not much buying. We had lunch at Tomasita's, a very busy Nu-Mex restaurant. The common question at these Nu-Mex restaurants is "red or green" which refers to the chili that covers most of the dishes. Red is usually the spicer hot than the green but they are both good.
After lunch we stopped at another shop the Spanish Table where I purchased a paella pan and some paella rice. Can't wait to use the paella pan and rice when I get home.
We made our way to the Plaza area.
From Santa Fe
The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis was built between 1869 and 1887 in the adobe style.
From Santa_ Fe_Taos
There is a chapel area that was built in the 1700's that is incorporated into the cathedral.
From Santa_ Fe_Taos
It is considered the oldest church in the country. The Palace of the Governors, along the Plaza, had numerous Indian vendors selling their wares along the sidewalk.
From Santa_ Fe_Taos