Tuesday, March 09, 2010


The weather was better this morning, just a few snow flurries, than yesterday so we departed from Gallup. We drove east to Albuquerque and then north past Santa Fe to the town of Espanola. Why Espanola?? It is between Santa Fe and Taos- areas we want to visit so we should be able to do so from here. We picked up a brochure from a visitor center today that has several tours outlined and many start from Espanola. The weather here is much nicer than in Gallup. Espanola is a little more than 1000 feet lower in altitude than Gallup. It was in the low 60's today with sunshine. A storm system is headed this way but should be rain, not snow. We are staying in Cottonwood RV Park, a passport park.
This southwest area is great for train watching. Trains are everywhere and they seem to be miles long with multiple engines pulling and pushing. The sound of train whistles are somewhat rare as there are few road crossings in this area.
This part of the country is so different than our eastern home region. There a miles and miles of just beautiful vistas of wide open spaces between towns/cities instead of the continuous heavily populated areas of one town running into the next. It's not hard to see why some folks say they won't go east of the Mississippi River.