Friday, September 28, 2018

Pensacola and Tallahassee, Florida September 25-28, 2018

Tuesday, 25th, we left Westwego, La. about 8:30 am and traveled east on I-10 to Pensacola, Florida, 214 miles.  Pensacola RV Park was our campground.  Getting in a little past noon we set up and then went out looking for a place to eat.  The Shrimp Basket, a casual seafood restaurant, proved to be a perfect place as they had all you can eat steamed shrimp as their special on this day.  Boiled potatoes and corn on the cob went along with the shrimp which were seasoned with some seafood spices.  Very nice meal.  After eating we then drove to the National Naval Aviation Museum.  There were more than 150 historical aircraft on display in this free museum.

We stopped to watch a film about the aircraft carrier, Forrestal, that had a serious fire and were quite taken back when we recognized a sailor, Milton Crutchley, that had been in a very dangerous situation during that fire.  Excerpts from an interview with Milton was seen throughout the film.  We knew he had been on that ship but didn't realize the danger he had to face.

Wednesday morning, 26th, we left Pensacola (8:45 am) continuing east to Tallahassee, 204 miles a little past 1pm camping in Tallahassee RV Park.  We went to a restaurant, The Wharf, another casual seafood place, and enjoyed another nice seafood dinner.  We then found a car wash to get the dirt washed off the Jeep.

Thursday (27th) we set out visit the city of Tallahassee, the capitol of Florida.  The Mission of San Luis, an Apalachee-Spanish Living History Museum, was built in 1633 by Spanish Franciscans in an area inhabited by Apalachee indians.  People in period costumes gave information about life in this mission as we walked about the grounds.  Kool Beanz, a restaurant recommended to us at the Mission, was a restaurant with a menu based on the available produce in the area.  It was different but not a big winner with us.  After lunch, we went the Capitol Complex.  The Museum of Florida History is located nearby this complex and has a parking garage.  After going through the museum you can receive a token to be used for the garage parking fee.  The museum is a free museum and interesting starting prehistorically and going through World War II.  A short walk from the museum is the Florida Capitol, a tall 22 floor modern building.  We started at the top, 22nd floor which is an enclosed observation deck.  The 5th floor is the viewing galleries for the House and Senate, no sessions were going..  Interesting building.  the old historical capitol is located in the same complex but we didn't go to that area.  In the evening, we started preparing our return home and organizing those things we needed to take to the house.

Today, Friday 28th, we were underway by 8:25 am to make the final 213 miles to the storage lot and home.  We stopped by the house to unload and then made our way to the storage lot and by 12:50 pm we were on our way to find lunch.  Another nice trip- revisited places and visited some new places.  We traveled 5,222 miles with the motorhome on this trip plus additional miles on our Jeep