Friday, September 21, 2018

Fort Worth, Texas September 20 & 21, 2018

Thursday, 9/20/ we left Midland, Texas traveling on I 20 east about 8:40 am to Fort Worth, Texas, 295 miles.  This route through Texas is to my way of thinking is through the prettier part of this state as it is in the hill country.  We were taken back at the fuel prices in Midland, the heart of the oil business.  Diesel was $3.79/ gallon and as we got further away from that area the price was decreasing.  In this Fort Worth area we have seen diesel at $2.89/gallon.   The office lady at the campground in Midland told Tom that they are price gouging there and have caused such hardship for those not in the oil business that many people have moved away.  Teachers are needed but they can't afford to live there.  After arriving at Cowtown RV Park after 1:30 pm we had lunch and made a trip to a local grocery store.

Today, Friday (21st), after breakfast we drove the Jeep into Fort Worth to the Stockyards.

  The Stockyards no longer function as a stock exchange yard and now has become a tourist attraction.

 Along the street there were 2 places that long horned steers with saddles were tied to a fence and for $5.00 you could climb up on the saddle while your friends took your picture.

  There are numerous shops and restaurant to while away time until at 11;30 am a cattle drive comes through.  Long horned steers, about 20, are "driven" down the street by 6 or 7 cowboys.  This cattle drive is done again at 4 pm.

 We had lunch at Riscky's Steakhouse, good steaks as we expected and, shortly, thereafter returned back to the motorhome.  It was cloudy most of the day with a shower while we were at the Stockyards and this evening it has been raining more. Tomorrow we are moving onward east.