Saturday, February 04, 2017

Uluru-Kara to Cairns. -February 4, 2017

Today is Tom and my 50th anniversary and the reason for taking this wonderful trip.
At last we had a day that did not start early.  First on the schedule was to be checked out our room by 10 am as we would be moving on later in the afternoon.  We left our bags in the room and porters move them to a point to be picked up by our bus driver, Myles.   As a group we walked a short distance to the center of this resort where we had a lesson in aboriginal art and then we each had a canvas panel to do our own painting using aboriginal symbols.

We then had time to do some shopping or to get some lunch.  We had some cheese and apples from breakfast that we ate.  We wanted something to drink so we went into a small grocery store where they had diet coke in 1 liter bottles for $4.00 plus and in 2 liter bottles for $2.00 plus.  We got the cheaper 2 liter bottle knowing that even if we didn't drink it empty we had paid less .
About 1:30 pm we had all met up at the hotel, boarded the bus for our ride to the airport.  Checking in at the airport proved to be a fiasco.  We had overweight carry-on luggage.  So we had to take things out of the bags and put these items in other bags to finally be allowed to proceed.  Once checked through we placed some of the items back into the luggage.  It was all going to be carried on the plane whether on 1 luggage container or in additional bags.
About 3:20pm we were taking off for Cairns which was about a 2.5 hour flight.  We landed a few minutes before 6pm.  Luggage was obtained and we then met up with our waiting bus driver and loaded up.  We are staying at the Cairns Hilton Hotel.
We walked down the street looking for a place to eat and found Barnacle Bill's and had a wonderfulness of seafood jambalaya.  Great meal to celebrate 50 years.