Monday, February 06, 2017

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway- February 6,2017

Today, Monday, we had signed up to go on an optional tour that involved  train travel and cableway.  After the rains of yesterday with water rushing down the mountain some of the train tracks had been washed away making the train travel impossible.  We were still able to take the trip only both ways would need to be done by  cableway.  So a little after 8am we loaded up in a bus to go a little ways just outside of Cairns city limits to the Smithfield station to get on a cableway, Skyrail ,gondola.

This Skyrail is a 7.5 km. cableway that glides above the rainforest in the Barron Gorge National Park.

 There were 3 stations after the Smithfield station that we could get off and walk around the rainforest.  At one station a ranger was giving a tour explaining the environment.

 Another station had an interpretive center.

The Barron falls station was as the name implies where Barron Falls could be seen and today water was surging over the falls.

 In one area a cassowary, second largest bird in Australia, was seen.

 Kuranda was a little village at the 4th station which we walked about and found a restaurant to get lunch before returning across the cableway to our point of origin.

We really enjoyed the cableway and was not disappointed of missing the train ride one way.