Tuesday, February 07, 2017

To Sydney— February 7, 3017

This morning after eating breakfast our group assembled in the hotel lobby where at 9am we loaded into a bus that took us to Cairns airport.  About 10:50am we were on the plane and taking off.  About 3pm Sydney's time (an hour ahead of Cairns time) we had landed in Sydney.  Luggage was collected and we loaded on a bus that took us to the Hyatt Regency hotel, arriving there about an hour later.  We got our keys and found our rooms and the luggage was brought to our rooms.  It is cooler here with temperature in the 70's  and there had been rain prior to our arrival today.
The hotel is located near Darling Harbor and a shopping/restaurant area.

Tom and I walked over to this area and had dinner on an outside dining area.

Tomorrow we will be touring the area.
Later note:  This hotel, Hyatt Regency was the worst hotel of the entire trip, small room with very little space to place luggage or toiletries.