Friday, February 03, 2017

Uluru-Kara Tjuta National Park- February 3,2017

A real early start today as at 5 am we were boarding the bus for the sunrise on Uluru.  Once at the park another reception area had again been set up but this morning there were hot beverages and biscuits (cookies).  We had to follow a pathway with red lights until we came to an area with green lights which indicated the viewing area.

Unfortunately, there again was a heavy cloud cover so this rock formation was not lit up as the sun rose.

We were back at the hotel by 7:30 am for breakfast.  At 8:30 am we loaded into the buses again heading back into the park and did some walking about the base of Uluru-Kara with our tour director,

Dave, pointing out the aboriginal wall paintings and giving some aboriginal information.

 A cultural center was another stop that was made before returning to the hotel for rest and some lunch.  Tom and I walked the short distance to the resort center for lunch.  At 4 pm we were once again on buses going into the park but this time we were at the huge rock formation of Kata Tjuta.

 A walk through a gorge which Tom and I just walked part way because of the heat. When we returned to the bus, our bus driver had a cooler of cold wash cloths that he handed to each of us.  How refreshing and thoughtful of Myles, a terrific bus driver. 
Finally we went to another viewing area to watch the sunset on Kara Tjuta- and like last evening we had an assortment of beverages and canapes set up for our benefit.  It was a lovely evening with a nice sunset that added color to this rock formation.