Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Sydney,Australia- February 8,2017

This morning at 7:30 am our group loaded up on a bus for a tour of the city of Sydney.  Our first stop was at a park across the harbor from the Sydney Opera House.  At this location we had a group photo done by a professional photographer with Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge in the background.

  Sydney is Australia's largest city with nearly 5 million people and rapidly growing.  The median cost for a house in Sydney is 1.2 million dollars (Australian).
Our next stop was at BondI beach.

BondI (pronounced bond eye) beach is a very popular beach in Australia but also a very dangerous beach.  Many people have been killed due to the tide motion.  Everyday there are numerous rescues done.  On one particular day 360 rescues were done before noon.  There is a local TV show called BondI Rescue that is filmed on this beach.
It was then onto the Sydney Opera House where we had a guided tour through this magnificent structure.

We were allowed into several theaters but taking pictures were not allowed.
From the Opera House we walked a short distance around the harbor where we boarded Captain Cook's cruise boat for a lunch cruise around the harbor.  The lunch was buffet style with seafood and other foods.  While eating there was a narration about the harbor and the buildings surrounding  the harbor.

After the cruise we were on our own for the remainder of the day.  Tom and I came back to our room in the hotel which had not been made up yet.  So when the maid came to clean we left and walked to a shopping area called Victoria's.
 This mall was at least 4 levels, very crowded, and up scale stores.  After walking about we finally left and walked back to the hotel.
A little later in the evening we walked around the shopping/restaurant area surrounding the harbor.  We ate salad type entrees at a little Mexican restaurant.