Sunday, February 05, 2017

Great Barrier Reef- February 5, 2017

This morning at 8 am we were picked up by bus that took us to Port Douglas.  At Port Douglas we got on board a big catamaran that transported us to a portable island structure in the Great Barrier Reef.  This area is in the monsoon season and there were clouds and showers all day.  Out in the reef area snorkeling, scuba and other diving could be done.  Tom and I opted not to try snorkeling in the very choppy water.

We did take a boat with a submersible underside that allowed viewing of the reef.

 We saw lots of different coral as well as many fish.   A buffet lunch was served.  About 3 hours was spent in the reef area before we loaded back into the catamaran for the return to Port Douglas.  Many people had gotten seasick going out in the morning but the return trip most had taken medication for the seasickness and slept much of the way.  We were returned to Cairns by bus.  We did see wallabies in a field eating grass on the return trip.
In the evening the tour group went to a restaurant, Dundees, for dinner.  The food was good.