Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Tupelo and Service Bay–Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sunday we drove into Tupelo, Mississippi for dinner.  As previously stated the restaurant choices around Red Bay are not the best.  Tupelo is about 50 miles west of Red Bay.  We ate at a nice barbeque restaurant, Crossroads Rib Shack and the ribs were very good.

Monday morning we were just hanging around the motorhome.  We never know when we could get a call to move into a service bay so we stick around just in case but we really did not expect to get in this soon.  Surprisingly, about 9:30am we got the call so we quickly packed up and moved into the bay.  Brandon was our main tech and he along with another tech worked on several issues- out of place roller under the front passenger slide, replacing a couple breakers, removing the TV antenna for repairs.  A cabinet man came in to realign a kitchen drawer.  This was about 45 minutes of work but we were there until the workday ended at 3pm.  There were big periods of time spent with these guys just standing around.  As we left we were told that the rails on the motorhome needed to be replaced- a 2 day job covered under warranty – and we would be taken into the mechanical bay about the DEF sensor showing a problem and also the TV antenna would be repaired and probably reinstalled in the campground area.  We also need to go some place to have the frame work in the front corner by the windshield looked at.

Today Tuesday we have been waiting but no calls today for any work.  We did go out to the Piggly Wiggly grocery store and CVS to pick up a few items.   This morning was rainy with a couple claps of thunder and then it cleard up in the afternoon.