Saturday, October 04, 2014

Red Bay, Alabama, Storms and Dismals Canyon- October 4, 2014

On Tuesday, September 30th, we bid a farewell to the Rushes, Perrys and Woodruffs and traveled westward as they would be going northward from Myrtle Beach.  Our main route of travel was I-20 west.  Late afternoon after 329 miles we stopped for the night at Hard Labor Creek State Park near Rutledge, Georgia.  A real nice campground with spacious campsites of water and electric.  We had a nice walk about the quiet, sparsely occupied park.

On Wednesday, we continued our travels for another 325 miles to Red Bay, Alabama, our destination.  We are back to the Tiffin service center for some motorhome issues.  The campground at the service center is full but a downtown park had a space reserved for Tiffin owners opened.  So we went to this park and set up forever how we might be here.  We registered for servicing but were told the service writer probably would not get to us until Friday as things were really backed up.  We ate a late lunch at the local Mexican restaurant.

Thursday morning, much to our surprise, about 9:30am a knock on the door told us that the service writer was paying a visit to talk about our needs on this visit.  He did say that we would not be able to in for servicing this week but maybe next week.  We were in need of a new sewer hose so we decided to find a Walmart.  The closest Walmart is in Russellville 30 plus miles away.  So we drove to Russellville, found the Walmart that didn’t have the sewer hose and then had lunch at a much better Mexican restaurant than the one in Red Bay.  While eating lunch time got a call from the service center campground office that a space was available there if we wanted it.  So we left and returned to move campgrounds.  Tom did get another sewer hose at the Tiffin parts store.  The sky all day had dark clouds and occasionally we had some misty rain.  Thunderstorms were predicted for the night as a cold front was moving in.  About 12:45am our phones woke us with a message of a possible tornedo in this area until 1:30am.  We became uneasy and decided that we would get out of the motorhome and go into a building close by.  The campground bathrooms were open so we went there.  Thankfully, no tornedo occurred but there was some heavy down pouring of rain.  By 1:45am we were back in bed with nothing but some rain the rest of the night.

After the night of interrupted sleep we were somewhat worn out on Friday.  We stayed at the campground.  We walked about the grounds, did a few things around the motorhome and had dinner here.

Today, Saturday, we woke up to a chilly motorhome.  It was 45 degrees outside and 57 degrees in here.  The heat was pushed on.  It was a beautiful sunny cool day.  It was quieter this morning with the service center closed for the weekend.  We walked around the area and stopped into the office and asked about anything happening in the area.  Nothing special was happening but we were given some brochures.  Since it was such a pretty day we decided to go to Dismals Canyon, a National Natural Landmark.  An entrance fee of $9.00 each allowed us to walk the trail through the canyon.  Huge house size boulders line the canyon.  On the moss covered walls larva of a fly called dismalites live.  At night these dismalites glow at nighttime to attract food.  There are 2 waterfalls. 

From Alabama
The trail is not the easiest involving climbing over rocks , crossing a creek on rocks and squeezing through some narrow openings between rocks- not to mention the stairway back up to the entrance building at the end of the trail.  But we did enjoy the visit and seeing this pretty area.  Leaving the Canyon we drove to the Rattlesnake Saloon, a unique “watering hole”, for lunch.  A pickup truck picked us up from a parking lot and drove down a steep hill to where a huge cave-like area in the rocks has been set up to be a dining area.  Sandwiches are available- we had burgers which are very good.  Alcohol is not sold until after 5pm when entertainment of karaoke or bands happen.  We were returned to the parking lot by way of the pickup truck.  A fun day.