Monday, October 27, 2014

Finally Going Home- Monday, October 27, 2014

On Sunday morning we were up and on our way before 8:30am. We were headed for home on the Ohio turnpike. Turnpike traveling is not my cup of tea but traffic usually moves along real well. This day was no exception. We made a stop on the Pennsylvania turnpike for lunch. The service plazas in western Pennsylvania are few and far between nowadays. We tried to stop at the first plaza we came to but there was no room to park so we had to continue on to the next plaza which had much larger area for parking. A little past 3pm and 360plus miles we stopped in Bedford, Pa. at a
Friendship Village Campground.

This morning, Monday, we took a little longer preparing to leave the campground. Tom dumped the black tank and rinsed it well to be able to winterize at home. We do not plan to be going out until after the holidays so we have to make sure nothing freezes. I had gone through cupboards last evening collecting liquids that needed to be taken into the house when we got home. By 9:15am we were on the road- Rte.30 we didn't need to return to the turnpike. And the 111 miles later and fueled up at 11:45am we were home. After our procedure of laying down boards at the bottom of our drive way to get the motorhome in the driveway we ran out to Pizza Hut for lunch. When we returned Tom tried to start the motorhome to finish setting it up in the driveway and it was dead. There was a code about the problem. Eventually it did start but the question is 'why did it do this?'. Phone are being made calls. First call to Tiffen resulted in recommending a call to Cummins.