Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Florence, Alabama and Weather- October 14, 2014

Sunday morning we attended church services at a  Methodist church here in Red Bay.  The church was well attended and was quite lively compared to the churches in the northeast.  The minister gave me the impression of someone that had a bit too much coffee but his service and sermon were impressive.  We then drove to Florence, Al., northeast of Red Bay 30 plus miles, to go to a Sam’s Club and to get lunch.  It was a day of rain and some brief periods of sunshine.

Monday morning (Columbus Day) Tom went to the service center to see when we were scheduled to get into the bay to get the rails done on the motorhome and was told in 3 days.  He also checked as to where our TV antenna was and found it in Bay 31.  Brandon the main tech in that bay said he would have the “boy come to the site to install it”.  Well “the boy” did not find his way here on this day.  We drove into town for a few items at the grocery store and while there a clerk said to be careful that some bad weather was headed this way.  The clouds were building up all afternoon.  A little before 5pm our phones sent out a tornado alert advising to seek shelter immediately.   Quickly we gathered up a few things and went to the customer lounge.  The lounge was filling up and the TV was on giving details about the storm moving across this area.  The alert was until 5:30pm.  There was heavy rain falling but, thankfully, no tornado.  A little past 5:30pm we returned to the motorhome and spent the evening listening to the thunder and then the pelting rain.  By midnight the rain had lightened.

Today, Tuesday, we are again sitting and waiting.  Our biggest activity aside form reading is watching the ever changing skies and weather.  Big heavy clouds covered the skies much of the day with an occasional streak of blue showing through and very brief periods of sun shining.  And there were showers off and on all day.  And the temperature has remained in the low 60’s.