Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Finally!!!- October 21, 2014

Monday morning, bright and early, we were up and had the motorhome to Bay 24 at 7am where it was scheduled to to have the rails that had been installed last Thursday painted. We then went to Belmont to get breakfast. Returning to Red Bay we went to the Tiffin factory complex to take a tour. Tours are offered Monday through Friday at 9:30am. We had taken this tour the first time that we came to Red Bay but there is always something new to see. The tour lasted until a little after 11am. The fascinating thing about these tours is that the tour weaves through the work areas. Don't see that happening in other factories in other states. After lunch we went to the customer lounge for a while and then about 2pm we went to the bay where our motorhome was. The job was finished so we were able to return back to the campground to wait again. Surprisingly, we got a call before 3pm telling us to be in Bay 34 the next morning.

This morning, Tuesday, we were in our assigned bay by 7am but our breakfast had been eaten in the motorhome today. THe main reason for our return to Red Bay was to have the framing post in the right front corner check out. June 2013 we had been here for the snapping noise in that area that was found to have been the framing not properly secured. Recently, we began hearing that noise again. The techs immediately got into the problem and using heavier screws secured the framing. An awning that covers the top of one of our slides was showing signs of wear and we had that also replaced. By 8:30am the work was completed finally. We paid our bills-service center and camping fees. Because of the rail issue we were charged $10.00 per night of camping instead of the usual $20.00. These stays get more tedious each time we are here. We spend more time waiting to have work done than actual work being done. The one good thing is that whenever a problem occurs as a result of materials used in the manufacturing the company stands behind it and replaces/repairs at no charge as in the rail problem. In fact, we were not aware of this problem but while other issues were being addressed these fiberglass rails were inspected and found to have cracks. Aluminum rails are now on our motorhome.

By 9:30am we were joyfully leaving Red Bay and headed north east. Moving into Tennessee we decided to stop at the Jack Daniels distillery in Lynchburg. Free tours are given through the distillery. (If on a sampling tour there is a $10.00 charge) We took the free tour with an entertaining and knowledgable guide. Afterwards, a short walk from the parking lot at Jack Daniels and we were downtown Lynchburg (population 350). It was well past noon and we were hungry. We ate at a barbeque diner, B B Q Caboose cafe. Both of us ate jambalaya, rice and slaw that we thought was pretty good. Back on the road we continued a little further and then stopped south of Nashville (Smyrna) at Nashville I-24 Campground