Saturday, October 11, 2014

DEF Repair and Hodges, Alabama- October 11, 2014

We did not get any calls to go in for servicing on Wednesday but we did get a call to be in a mechanical bay on Thursday at 7am.  So we were up earlier than usual to move into bay 42.  Once in the bay the area supervisor, Greg Dees, hooked up a computer to find out why the service light was on indicating a problem with the DEF sensor.  This has been the fourth time we have had this issue.  This time instead of replacing the sensor the whole internal mechanism that injects this fluid into the fuel line was replaced.  Apparently this has been problem has been seen in other units that are using DEF at this time.  Our motorhome is a 2011 the first year that DEF was used.  Then as we were leaving the bay Tom noticed that the need service light was still on and mentioned this to the tech.  The tech said it would go out as we drove it.  So Tom drove around town a bit but the light remained on.

From 2014/10/13
From 2014/10/13

Friday morning before eating breakfast Tom turned on the ignition, saw the light was still on and then we took a longer ride out to a neighboring town and back.  The light remained on.  So Tom went over to the service area and talked with the tech that said at times these lights have to reset with the computer.   Shortly after the lunch break, Greg Dees came out to the motorhome and hooked up the computer and cleared it of the warning light.  He said that it is not uncommon to need to do this.  While Greg was here he mentioned to us that a big camouflaged truck has been seen around here and if we should see it around this area we should let security know about it.  A mid eastern appearing man and woman have been seen driving this vehicle around and has caused some concern in the area.

Friday evening we went back to the Rattlesnake Saloon.  We have been to this place  couple times but never in the evening when there is music being played.  Once we got down to the Saloon area we were met by Security asking if we were going to drink alcohol beverages and we both said no.  A red X was marked on our hands.  If we were going to drink we would have had to show ID and then our would have been stamped.  Everybody has to have ID to be able to drink regardless of the white hair or no hair.  We had burgers and onion rings (only sandwiches type meals are available) but could not eat all the onion rings.  The music was a group of 3 men performing country songs.  We stayed for a little more than an hour.

From 2014/10/04

We have been having rain almost daily.  Last night it rained all night and by mid morning the rain had stopped but clouds remained.  We had seen signs about “Spirit of Hodges” festival for today, Saturday.  Hodges is another small town in this area.  We struck out not exactly sure of how to go and, of course, we took a much longer route than necessary.  But we had an enjoyable time after we got there.  There was musical entertainment scheduled most of the day.  Craft vendors were set up with their wares as well as food vendors.  We ate lunch of pork barbeque, slaw and baked beans and enjoyed the music.  After we returned back to the campground we went for a walk only to get caught in a rain shower that had us pretty wet until we got back to the motorhome.