Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rough Traveling Day- October 14, 2012

When we left Cloverdale, Indiana we knew that weather was going to be a factor today.  A storm system was moving west to east and as we were preparing to leave the rain started.  But the rain was the least of our problems- it was the wind blowing from the south so we were driving through a crosswind with heavy gusts.  Tom was fighting the steering wheel most of the way across Indiana into Ohio.  The rain was with us for just the first leg of today's travel as we had gotten ahead of it. We got lunch on the east side of Columbus at a Mexican restaurant.  As we got within several miles of Zanesville, Ohio, tonight's destination, we were caught up in traffic due to an overturn semi on a bridge.  We finally got to the campground, Wolfies Campground, about 2:30pm in Zanesville, Ohio and it was warm and sunny- but clouds have now moved in with some rain and more is predicted for tonight.  Hopefully, the winds will die down for tomorrow's trek home.