Monday, October 08, 2012

Balloon Fiesta, Monday, October 8, 2012

Today, started out being another “iffy'’ day of balloon flying with the wind being the problem.  Before we committed to going into the Fiesta we waited to hear through TV reports that the balloons were preparing for flying.  A little past 7am we did make our way to the field.  There were some balloons in the air and more on the ground getting ready to go up.  A flying competition was happening.  There is a so-called Albuquerque box that the balloons can fly that takes them one direction at one altitude and the opposite direction at another altitude.  It was interesting to see balloons flying in opposing directions.  Then at some point the balloons cross the take-off field flying as close to the ground as possible without touching the ground and try to toss out a marker to hit the center of  an “x” that is laid out on the field in a given time period.  The mornings have been cold here with temperatures in the low 40’s but it does warm up to the upper 60’s/ lower 70’s by late afternoon.

By 11am we were back to the motorhome and the Balloon Fiesta activities were over for today as nothing is scheduled for this evening.  Tom then made arrangements to have our waste tanks pumped out.