Monday, October 01, 2012

Bryce Canyon- September 30, 2012

Today, Sunday, we went about 40 miles northeast from the campground to Bryce Canyon National Park.  Just prior to Bryce we came to Red Canyon in Dixie National Forest.  As the name implies it was the cliffs and formations are red.  We stopped at the Visitor’s Center and then continued on to Bryce Canyon.  Bryce Canyon with spires, grottos and hoodoos is quite an impressive area.  We drove to the farthest viewing area and then from that point drove toward the entry point stopping at the viewing areas.  We had been told that yesterday this park was so crowded that it was impossible to find parking spaces but today we did not have that problem.  Apparently, there were lots of folks that were there yesterday for the free entry day.  We did leave the park for lunch at Bryce Canyon City, just outside the park.  We ate at Ruby’s, an establishment that has been around for many years even before Bryce Canyon was made a National Park.  The food was pretty good – we had the lunch buffet- and the prices average.  We then returned to finish our touring of the Park.  Tomorrow we leave this beautiful state, Utah, as we again will going into Arizona.