Thursday, October 11, 2012

Amarillo to Chandler, Oklahoma- October 11, 2012

Continuing east on I-40 we traveled through the panhandle of Texas.  The World's Largest (supposedly) Cross is along I-40 in Groom, Texas.  We had passed this cross on previous trips through this area but had never stopped.  Today we stopped and were impressed with this area.  Around the base of the Cross are sculptures depicting the stages of the cross and the tomb that Jesus was buried.  After that stop we continued eastward into Oklahoma.  We made a stop at a rest area for lunch and parked beside another Phaeton.  There were a mother and daughter traveling together and they came over to inquire about our motorhome- how long? what year? and on and on.  They were in no hurry to move on but we had a nice visit.
We had been waiting for a call back from Tiffin today about replacing our windshield and after not getting that call we decided that we would not go toward Red Bay, Alabama but would go straight home.   We left I-40 in Oklahoma City and continued our eastward trek on the famous Route 66.   In Chandler, Oklahoma, we stopped for the night after 313 miles at Glen Oak Mobil and  RV Park, a Passport American park, a nicely maintained park.  We did get the call this evening from Tiffin saying that if we were there on Monday they could work us in Monday or Tuesday- so we made the right decision to go home as we need to be home by no later than Wednesday.  We will get the crack repaired and deal with replacing the windshield at a later date.