Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Holbrook, Arizona- October 2, 2012

This morning we awoke to a cool motorhome but with sweatshirts on and the bright sunshine we soon warmed up.  We packed up and left Jacob Lake continuing south on US-89A  south passing the Vermilion Cliffs and then onto US-89 and finally onto I-40 east.

Our Brake Buddy alarm sounded during our travels.  Tom stopped and checked the problem and found the 12-volt accessory outlet to be the problem.  The braking system was disengaged until Tom could research the problem.  Nearing Winslow at noontime we stopped at the La Posada Hotel for lunch in the Turquoise Room.  We have had lunch here previously and enjoy this old Santa Fe  train hotel.  It has a feel of stepping back in time.  We were unsure as to how far we would travel today as we plan to be in Gallup, New Mexico on October 3rd.  We  did stop for the night in Holbrook, Arizona – 249 miles today.  Tom was able to fix the problem with the braking system after getting a new accessory outlet from a parts store in Holbrook.