Sunday, October 07, 2012

Balloon Fiesta- October 7, 2012

This morning we were hesitant in getting to the Fiesta launch sites.  The weathermen last night were thinking the wind could again be a factor.  We listened to the TV this morning and when we heard that there was movement on the launch sites we made our way over there.  A little past 6am we were on the grounds and the Dawn Patrol show was just beginning with about 10 balloons inflated.   When these balloons took off for the skies more balloons were inflated and this continued until after 9am.  The skies were filled with balloons.  Those balloons of unusual shapes were the longest balloons inflating.  It was just a wonderful morning.

And this evening was something, also.  We went to the Fiesta about 6pm and saw 5 gas balloons inflated.  Gas balloons were suppose to have been launched yesterday for a race but the wind prevented that from occurring at that time so they were going tonight.  Gas balloons are filled with hydrogen and sand is used as a ballast.  Three of the balloons were flown by USA pilots, one by Russian and one by Great Britain.  Two of the USA balloons had female co-pilots.  The race is to which balloon travels the furthest not the fastest.  They will be flying for hours, possibly days.  As these balloons were leaving the hot air balloons were getting prepared for Balloon Glow- inflating the balloons but not flying and then lighting with the burners the balloons that they seem to be glowing.  Balloons were everywhere.  Tom read that there are 584 total balloons.   Never have we seen so many balloons at one time and most were one of a kind.   We returned to the motorhome to watch fireworks from there.