Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Celebration and Tombstone

On Saturday, the 11th, we had plans to eat a Valentine's Dinner at the clubhouse here in the campground. There were 3 seatings and we chose to eat at the 5:30pm seating. So we met up with Drew and Marti at the clubhouse and dined with them. We had a choice of either prime rib or salmon which was selected when we purchased our tickets a few days before Saturday. Tom had the prime rib and I had the salmon and we both enjoyed our meals which also included salad, baked potato or fries, a vegetable medley and a cheese cake dessert. The meals that we have eaten here at the campground have been very good and the cooks (all volunteers) deserve a lot of credit.
Sunday we again attended the local Methodist church services and then went out for breakfast at the Horseshoe Cafe with Drew and Marti. We had heard that Tombstone was having a Wild West weekend so the four of us decided to go down to that wild west town for the afternoon. The Vigilantes, a group of re-enactors, were putting on skits depicting scenes from years ago when this area was ruled with gunfights.

We would watch the skits and then during the break times walked about the shops. Before leaving we went to the Crystal Palace for a late lunch.
Monday we didn't have anything planned but had somethings that needed to be done as laundry and housekeeping chores. It was a really nice day with warm 70 plus temperatures and bright sunshine.
Tuesday the weather made a big change. It was cloudy when we got up and the clouds continued through most of the day. Temperatures did not get out of the 40's. In the afternoon we were watching a movie on TV when we noticed that it was snowing even though the temperatures were above freezing. The ground was too warm for any accumulation of snow. It was also quite windy all day. Today was Valentine's Day and Tom had made reservations at a restaurant in Sierra Vista for us. As we traveled to Sierra Vista the wind had become calmer and the skies were beginning to clear. We even saw a bright rainbow off to the east. We ate at "My Big Fat Greek Restaurant" and had a nice meal- Tom had beef on skewers and I had chicken on skewers. The food was very flavorful. After dinner we went to the movie theater to see "Red Tails" about the Tuskegee airmen during World War II. Another good movie that both of liked.
Today is Wednesday and our last day in Benson for this year. We had purchased tickets a week or so ago to go to the Gaslight Theater in Tucson with others from the campground. Marti and Drew were going also and had asked us to go along with them. Adjacent to the theater is a restaurant "Little Anthony's" that is styled as a 50's diner with a menu of burgers, fries, malts and sundaes where we grabbed a lunch before going into the theater. The melodrama that we saw was called "The Two Amigos". Audience participated by booing and hissing at the bad guys and cheering the good guys. It was lots of fun. Bowls of popcorn are on all the tables for munching on during the performance. After the melodrama the cast did a Grand Ole Opry Olio impersonating Minny Pearl, Grandpa Jones, Porter Wagoner and others. The 2 hour show was lots of fun. Throughout the entire show a small group of musicians, a pianist, a drummer and a guitar player were playing music either as accomplement to the singers or as background music. The pianist was extremely outstanding as she banged out the music. This was indeed a nice ending to our time in this area of Arizona. Today's weather was much improved over yesterday- sunny, bright skies and temps in the upper 60's.
Tomorrow we are going to Wickenburg where we meet up with Larry and Joanne. We have been in contact but have not been together since Christmas so we are looking forward to spending some time together. Need to catch up on family news.