Sunday, February 05, 2012

45th Anniversary

Yesterday, February 4th, was our 45th wedding anniversary. We started the day by going to a local restaurant, Reb's, for breakfast. From there we went down to Sierra Vista to attend the Cochise Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering. This was the third year that we attended this gathering and we enjoyed it like it was the first. The Gathering is a 3 day event beginning on Friday evening. On Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoon there are staged preformances in a high school auditorium. Saturday from 10am to 5pm there are multple poetry and music sessions. We attended a night performance the first year we attended but found that we preferred the Saturday day sessions best. There are 8 areas in the school in which every hour from 10 am until 4pm there are 50 minute sessions set up for 3-4 preformers to recite their poetry or perform their songs. Attendees just go to whatever sessions they choose.

The music is primarily cowboy music (think Sons of the Pioneers, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans). Arvel Bird, a Native American violinist/flutist educated in classical music, performed music in a Native American and Celtic style. Two hispanic brothers, the Morales, performed music with a Classical Mexican style. Many of the cowboy/girl performers come from ranching backgrounds and their music and poetry is reflective of that life.

One preformer that I found to be an amazing entertainer was an elderly lady, Buckshot Dot.

We had seen her last week at a bookstore here in Benson and then she again preformed at the Gathering. I would guess this lady is well into her eighties and just an unflappable performer. In the session we saw her she had lost her list of the songs she was planning to sing so she just sang whatever came to her mind. Occasionally she would get mixed up or forget where she was in a song and would just start over making a joke of the incident.

                                                Our favorite performer is Bill Barwick.

He plays the guitar very well and has a deep, rich voice. We had first heard him on the internet some years ago and it was through that means that we first learned about this Gathering in Sierra Vista.
When we left the Gathering we stopped for dinner at La Casita, a Mexican restaurant. After dinner we decided to check out the movie theaters to see if there was a movie that we would like to see. "Extremely Loud-Incredibly Close" was playing so we killed some time by walking about the shopping mall until movie time. The movie was an exceptionally good film. Even though Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock starred in it, the boy actor, Thomas Horn, was the central character and did a great acting job.

Unbeknownst to us, someone had placed a bottle behind our tire and when we backed out of the parking lot we heard a pop, saw what had been run over and held our breaths that we didn't damage a tire. Luckily we made back to the campground in Benson without a problem. It was a good day. I almost forgot- for our anniversary Tom got me a pretty sapphire necklace (45th anniversary is a sapphire anniversary) and I got him a card.

Today Sunday, we again went to the local Methodist church for services that included communion this morning. Afterwards, friends Marti and Drew and us went to the Horseshoe Cafe for breakfast. Today being Super Bowl Sunday we spent the remainder of the day in the motorhome and are now watching the game.