Friday, February 10, 2012

Tubac and Tucson with Friends

Wednesday evening I went to the Ladies night out here at the campground. The theme for the night was the 50's. Yes there were some poodle skirts there. The menu was hamburgers, French fries and chocolate malts. Unfortunately, the fries ran out before our table was served so we had potato chips instead and the malts could have been better but the hamburgers were really good. The best part of these nights is the entertainment which is just plan fun and zany. The final act was a group of men that did a"synchronized swim routine"- oh how funny, watching these men doing this routine. It was a fun night.
Thursday, Tom and I went to Tubac for the Arts Festival. The town has over 175 artists displaying and selling their wares. Really beautiful southwest art is on displayed. The streets were closed off to traffic and were bustling with people. I'd hate to see what that town will look like this weekend as the festival continues. We had a nice lunch at Maria's Grille- it felt good to sit down for a spell in the middle of the day. We did find a jar opener that we had been looking for to use to remove some light fixtures in the motorhome at one of the kitchen stores in Tubac. And I found a jacket I didn't think I could live without in another store. But we left the artwork behind for others to check out this weekend.
Today, Friday, we along with Drew and Marti Moehlau went to Tucson to meet up with Rita and Bill Fordham for lunch at the Silver Saddle Steak House. This was a mini Traveling Americans get together! Bill and Rita are staying at Palm Creek campground in Casa Grande so Tucson was about halfway for them as well as for the Moehlau's and us. We had a nice lunch and great time of catching up on everyone's happenings.