Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fountain Hills Art Fair

Yesterday, Saturday, we went to the city of Fountain Hills, east of Pheonix, for an Art Fair. There were reported to be about 500 artisans selling their wares. Thankfully it was a pleasant day for walking around and looking at everything that was being sold. Fountain Hills does have a fountain that every hour on the hour shoots water 300 to 500 feet up, depending on the windy conditions.

The fair was adjacent to the park in which the fountain is located so we saw the display a couple of times while we were walking about. We stopped at a Chili's restaurant on our way home for an early dinner.

Today, Sunday, after breakfast we hiked through the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) area next to North Ranch.

We met up with a couple that had a ATV with a wagon that they used to go out into this area to clean up cactus that people had tried to dispose of. This area could be closed off from being used if this practice continues. This is a desert area but aside from one lonely Saquaro there are no cactus growing here.

Mesquite trees and creosote bushes are plentiful. We did see some flowers scattered through the area.

                              Hoping to see some wildlife we did encounter a small herd of steers.

Free range cattle are common in this on BLM land. The remainder of the day we just chilled out. This evening we will go to the clubhouse for the Sunday evening ice cream get together. It has been getting windier as the day goes by and tomorrow the winds are predicted to be much stronger.