Friday, February 03, 2012

A Relative Day in Tucson

Wednesday we spent the day in the campground doing laundry and other housekeeping stuff. In the evening we went into Benson to the Horseshoe Grill with friends, Drew and Marti. A nice ending to the day.

Thursday morning we went to Tucson to spend the day with my cousin Patty and her husband Braxton- the Cooley's.

After taking a walk about their outside patio/pool area admiring the different cacti and other landscaping plants, we starting catching up the latest family news and events. A little past noon we all went out to lunch at the Firebird Grille, located in a shopping mall, for a nice meal. We then had to walk to a Gelato store nearby for dessert of some gelato, of course. After dessert we stopped at a few stores in the mall before returning to the car and moving on. We had a nice ride through some beautiful desert country and up through Gates Pass. The Pass had some wonderful views (and lots of wind) of the city of Tucson.  Returning back to the Cooley's house Patty fixed a nice supper before we said good-by and headed back to Benson. We always have a good time being with Pat and Braxton.

Today, Friday, I attempted to call Larry to find out where he and Joanne were at this time. I thought I had called Larry but when I did not recognize the voice on the other end as Larry's voice I asked who was I talking to and found out that somehow I had called the Cooley's and was talking to Braxton. A senior moment or what?? After a good laugh I did finally call the correct number and learned that Larry and Joanne were in Havasu Lake, California but were moving to Quartzsite, Az. today. Later we drove to St. David, a small town south of Benson with a Benedictine monastary. The monastery are having bake sales on Friday beginning today. We went to the bake sale and bought a loaf of bread and 2 pieces of an apple-nut cake or bar, that we ate there. Leaving the bake sale area we saw several beautiful peacocks strutting about the grounds. We did stop at the chapel and went inside but a choir rehearsal was in progress so we did not linger long. (St. David aside from having a monastary is known as a Mormon community.) Leaving St. David we returned to Benson to go to the post office to pick up some mail and a grocery store stop. After returning to the motorhome I made a Chili Relleno casserole, a recipe that I had gotten from a newsletter of the local church. The casserole was very good and simple to prepare. We did a short walk about the park before it got dark. Today has been sunny but it was windy and little cooler than the past several days but temperatures were still in the 60's. Can't complain.