Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hitting the Backroads and Wind

Monday morning, taking the Jeep, we left the campground and ventured out on some of the backroads around Congress. Back off the beaten path is an old cemetery, Pioneer Cemetery, where the gravesites are dilapidated.

                                        Some graves had headstones but were very hard to read.

It really looked to be in need of some clearing of the junk that has gotten accumulated, structures built around graves were falling down. Vegetation appears to have gotten out of hand although signs warn that nothing should be removed. Dates on graves that we were able to be deciphered were in the late 1800's, early 1900's and ages were those of children or young adults, mostly.

After visiting the Coon Hound cemetery in Alabama this winter and seeing how well that cemetery for dogs is cared for, it is sad to see a cemetery for pioneers of this territory so poorly cared for.
Moving on we traveled on a road that passed a gold mining camp, and continuing on, driving across a stream and up some steep mountainous road we eventually came out in Yarnell.

We returned from Yarnell by way of the main roads and then continued over toward the Vulture Mine. Getting close to lunch time we kept on driving what we thought was toward Wickenburg but actually it was away from Wickenburg. Finally in Tonopah, 50 miles southwest of Wickenburg, we saw a restaurant and were able to get a bite to eat. The weather forecast for the day was calling for some strong winds and sure enough the winds became stronger as the day went on. The dust was flying everywhere but luckily it did not become so dusty that it interferred with being able to see as we drove. After lunch we did return to Wickenburg, stopped at Safeway for a few groceries and then returned to our campsite at North Ranch. The winds continued most of the night and the temperature dropped to the low 40's.
Today, Tuesday, the winds have calmed but the temperatures have remained chilly with the high only reaching the upper 50's compared to the 70's of a day or 2 ago. It has been a quiet restful day, today. We didn't drive anywhere. Walked about the campground twice, did some reading, ate in the motorhome and took a snooze.