Friday, January 08, 2010


We left Casa Grande this morning and traveled across I-8 to Yuma. At Dateland we stopped for gas and then went into the date shop. Date milkshakes were advertised as being "world famous" so we thought why not try one. Well, we tried date milkshakes but don't think we'll have a return visit for one. Not exactly our cup of tea.
Tom had called the Caravan Oasis campground yesterday but was only able to leave a message. We had not received a return call but went in anyway. There were vacancies so we had no problem getting a site. They were swamped with calls yesterday and were just returning calls as Tom was registering. We plan to stay here a week.
After getting to our site and setting up Tom got out our Passports and discovered that they had expired August 2009. So much for going into Mexico. We really were not anxious to go but was going to get Travis' meds there. Plan B we called Todd and ask that he send meds to us when he stops in at our house.
Our water heater was not functioning on propane, on electric it was fine. So if we do not have electric hook-up at some point we will not have hot water and I don't like cold showers. Seeing an ad for a mobil RV service, Tom called and late afternoon the serviceman came and replaced the control board.
This evening we rode around the area to get a feel for what is where. I was pleasantly surprised when we drove to an area just behind the campgrounds that was large fields of vegetable crops. Amazing what irrigation in the desert can produce. There were several roadside markets along the road selling vegetables.
The weather forecast for this area is for temperatures in the 70's during the day falling into the 40's at night. Certainly better than the cold weather back home.