Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Waltz has Ended…

Today we finished our waltz across Texas.  We are in Deming, New Mexico at the Dream Catchers RV Park, which is an Escapees park.  It is off of I-10 and is a nightly stop over park for a lot of RV’s.  We have decided to stay here for at least two days as we have been traveling everyday since leaving Maryland last Wednesday. 
While coming across Texas, forty miles East of Fort Stockton, we saw one of the biggest wind turbine farms that we have ever seen.  There must have been several hundred wind turbines.  Also, we saw a number of Wind turbine blades being transported.  The blades when installed never look as big as when you see one on the back of a truck.
Today as we got closer to El Paso, there was a lot of Border Patrol activity.  When we stopped at a rest stop for lunch, a helicopter was flying over the area.  On the West side of El Paso we had to go through a Border Patrol inspection station, but was not required to stop.
When we go to Deming, the temperature was in the upper 50’s and sunny.  It felt very good, but the cold is coming this way in two days.  We were going to go to Carlsbad, New Mexico, but the weather report was not looking good so are decision to come to Deming.