Saturday, January 02, 2010

Still Looking for Warm Temperatures.

Tonight we are in Duson, La which is between Lafayette and and Lake Charles in the western part of the state.  The cold temperatures are still chasing us.  Last night it was 27 degrees, brrrrr.  The traffic was light on Interstate 59, but when we got on Interstate 10 it was 2 lanes bumper to bumper moving at 60 to 70 MPH. 

It was a nice clear sunny day, the kind of day that makes for good traveling. 

Last night we stayed in a very nice RV park for $19.26 using Passport America.  Tonight’s campground costs us $36.00 and the wifi does not work.  I am using Windows Live Writer to compose this entry and using a program called “Tetherberry” to connect to the internet. 

Tetherberry consists of 2 programs, one runs on the computer and the other on runs on my Blackberry 9000.  The computer and the blackberry are connected with a standard USB cable.

Tomorrow we will start “Waltzing across Texas.”  Since Texas is 800 miles across on I-10 it will take us several days to get to the other side.  Houston traffic should be light as it is Sunday and will not pose a problem getting through.