Monday, January 18, 2010

Dreary Monday

Before getting out of bed this morning I heard raindrops on the roof of the motorhome.In the middle of the Mohave Desert and it was raining! - and the forecast is for rain off and on most of the week. Oh well, at least it is warm here compared to home. I was telling Tom that rain would be something that I would miss if I lived out here.
We went into the business area of Lake Havasu City. Wahlgreen Drug was administering flu and pneumonia shots. We had gotten flu shots before leaving home but Tom had been unable to get the pneumonia shot. So Tom finally got the pneumonia shot after about 1 1/2 hours. Boy, were they ever slow. I had gotten my pneumonia shot last year when I had heart surgery.
I was in need of a haircut so we then went to a walk-in salon and I was able to get a trim in a much shorter time than the pneumonia shot.
We found a Mexican restaurant, Casa Serrano, where we had lunch. Afterwards we picked up a few items at the grocery store before returning to the motorhome.