Saturday, January 23, 2010

Clear Skies, Finally

Yesterday morning the rains had stopped but the clouds were still hanging around. By noon the skies were clearing and bright sunshine was upon us. In the evening we drove to an ice cream parlor- "Scoops"- that makes their own ice cream. Some of the best ice cream we have had and great flavors- Peanut butter banana, Pecan Praline to name a few.
Last night, without cloud cover, got a little cold (40's) and tonight will be the same. Once the sun is up things warm up fairly quickly. It was in the upper 60's today. The campground had a sausage and pancake breakfast this morning which we went to being the last ones through the line. We should have gotten up earlier! We rode into the business area of the town today and walked around checking out some of the stores that were opened. We ate lunch at the Red Onion restaurant. Before returning to the campground we stopped on the island side of the London Bridge. There are mainly restaurants here. The one shop that was opened seemed pricey- T-shirts with an iron on was $22.00.
We are hearing that the storm that passed through Arizona has dumped a lot of snow(several feet) in the Grand Canyon and Sedona areas. Now we are debating where our next move will be. We will see how the weather and conditions are later in the week before changing our plans.