Saturday, January 30, 2010

Good-Bye Havasu, Hello Wickenburg

Our medicines arrived on Tuesday and Wednesday. Don't know why the change but I'm glad we got them. At this point we were set to be able to move on as we wanted to do on Friday January 29th. Our time spent in Lake Havasu City was a time of relaxation. We walked morning and evenings about the campground with Travis. Some days he seem to be walking well, other days a little slow. Tom and I spent time with our new toy- Wii Fit- each day. Twice we went to the movies to see "The Book of Eli" and then "Avatar". Both movies were set in the future but differed greatly from one another. Surprisingly, I liked both movies. "Avatar" in 3-D is an absolutely amazing movie, the special effects are are done so that it is so real appearing and the colors throughout the movie are just beautiful. "The Book of Eli" as oppose to "Avatar" is done throughout in drab coloring as the theme of the movie is depressing with an interesting ending.
Friday we left Havasu and headed for Wickenburg. We traveled route I-40 to Kingman, Az. and then route 93 to Congress, Az. The trip was a little less than 200 miles but we traversed some interesting and changing environments. Leaving Havasu we started climbing the barren mountains of that region. As we headed south from Kingman we were again in mountains but with some vegetation and the Saquaro cacti started appearing on the mountainsides. As we got closer to Congress we drove through a segment of road called the Joshua Tree Forest Parkway, one of the largest stands of Joshua trees. After passing through Congress and before Wickenburg we are staying at an Escapees Park, North Ranch. We had stayed here several years ago.
Today, Saturday, we went into Wickenburg. We noticed some changes since the last time we were here. Some new road construction with a new bridge. The Hassayampa River was completely dry. The last time we were here the river was raging so bad that some houses were lost along the banks of the river. We found that a Mexican restaurant, Filiberto's, was still in operation so we had lunch there without being disappointed.
Our neighbor, husband and wife, here at the RV park went prospecting for gold today. They go to an area to gather their specimens and then return to the campground to wash the materials looking for specks of gold. Tom spent some time observing the process. Some flakes of gold were found. Apparently this is a hobby for several RVer's in this park.